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Applications of Rubber in various industries

Aerospace – Rubber’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and heavy load make it an ideal material to use in aircraft applications. Rubber is being used in different applications like pumps, oil reservoirs, sealing air valves, auxiliary power units, wheel chocks etc.

Automotive – Automobile industry is the major reason behind the growth of rubber industry. Apart from tires, rubber molded products are extensively used in fluid transfer systems, body sealing systems, transmission systems, anti-vibration system, spare parts. Engine gaskets, seals & hoses for power steering are few applications that use a rubber.

Oil refinery – Synthetic rubber is mainly used for various purposes in the oil industry. Typical products are Seals for oil storage tanks, hoses, gaskets.

Applications of Plastic in various industries

Transport – Lightness of plastic with maximum flexibility, resistance to wear and tear due to heavy use, corrosive resistance properties enable plastics to be used in vehicles. Plastic cases are used in interiors of vehicles for dashboards, seats, panels etc.

Food Packaging – Food grade plastics, which are non-toxic is extensively used in food packaging in the form of flexible pouches, films, and bags, pots, tubs trays, containers, bottles, drums, boxes, cups. Plastic packaging goods are light-weight, flexible, durable in nature.

Electronic goods – Electricity and electrical goods form an integral part of our lives. Plastics, with its electrical properties, make these electrical and electronic appliances safe and durable. Plastics are used in making attractive knobs and handles, internal fittings, housing on refrigerators, washing machines, toaster, oven etc.