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Aromax Industries Private Ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of rubber molded & plastic molded products. Our team of qualified professionals meticulously work with our customers to understand their requirements and deliver customized products. Quality, product performance and on-time delivery of our products earned us a high reputation as a high-quality manufacturer, supplier & exporter of rubber & plastic products. Our range of products include O-Rings, Gaskets, Seals, Grommet, Bellows, Wheel Chocks, Washers, Caps, Plugs, Wire Harness etc. Our products are of high demand in Food, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil refinery, Home appliances industry.

Rubber Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets are seals used in machinery to fill the space between two contacting surfaces. They protect machinery by keeping out water, dust, and dirt. Rubber is one of the common gasket material used in wide range of industries. They are flexible, durable and water-proof. They can withstand high temperatures and are corrosion resistant. Aromax Industries Private Ltd manufactures customized rubber gaskets catering to the needs of customers with utmost precision.

Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets are used to cover sharp and rough edges of a hole in a metal. This will protect other materials like wires or cables that pass through the hole from getting damaged. It also acts as a grip for the wires and cables to prevent accidental pull-out. Rubber Grommets are mainly used in automotive, aerospace industries for sealing important components and reduce vibration. Rubber Grommets are durable, weather resistant, heat and tear resistant compared to other grommets.

Rubber O-Ring

Rubber O-Ring is a torus-shaped loop designed to prevent passage of gases and liquids. Most common industry applications of O Rings are Oil and gas seals, automotive fuel seals, food and beverage container seals. Rubber O Rings have good wear resistance, compression set resistance and permeation resistance.

O rings

Rubber Dust Cap

The Dust Cap is a small cover used to prevent dust and water from entering valves in many industries. They also act as a pressure seal. Rubber Dust Caps have high dimensional stability and can withstand high pressures.

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows or expansion joints are mainly used to absorb noise and thermal movements in automotive engines and pipe industries. They also eliminate vibration between equipment. Rubber Bellows have high-flexibility that compensates small installation misalignments.

Silent Blocks

Rubber Silent Block bushes are made from two steel sleeves filled with vulcanized rubber between them. These Silent Block bushes have maximum dynamic strength and endurance due to the high pressure of rubber. They are typically used in automobiles to check load bearing problem in vibrating and oscillating systems.

Silent Block

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks are sturdy material placing against a vehicle’s wheels to prevent any accidental movement. It is mainly used in aerospace industry and mining industry, in which flight and truck wheels are jammed with chocks during the halt. Rubber Chocks are preferred due to flexibility, grip and tensile strength.

Plastic Washers

Washers help to distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface of the object, preventing the damage. Also, it acts as a smooth base for the nut. Plastic Washers are resistant to water and aging weather, vibration resistant, anti-magnetic, withstand high temperatures, chemical resistant. Plastic Washers are widely used in many industries like automotive, construction. It is very cost effective compared to metal washers.

Plastic Case

Plastic Cases are used in many industries to protect their tools and products. High-temperature tolerance, durability, impact resistance are the key factors supporting plastic casing. Aromax offers standard quality plastic cases in different sizes, colors, and designs.



Plastic Plugs are similar to plastic caps except that they are used to cover the inner diameter of tubes, rods and electrical connectors. Plugs come with different types of flanges for easy removal and application. They protect from dust and moisture affecting the object.



Plastic Caps are used to cover the outer diameter of tubes, rods, electrical connectors. They protect the objects from dust, damage, and moisture. The Caps come with flanged ends for easy removal of caps. Caps can be short, long, shallow or ribbed and protect both threaded and non-threaded ends.


Bulb Holders

Bulb Holders provide electrical connections and support to bulbs. Plastic is durable, have good insulation and connectivity properties. Plastic is heat resistant and doesn’t get heated up like other materials.

Bulb Holder

Wire Harness

Wire Harness is the assembly of wires or electrical cables that transmit power. Binding cables into a harness helps in optimizing space, reducing the risk of getting short, secured against vibrations, moistures, and abrasions. These are mainly used in automotive industry, aerospace etc.

Battery Cable

Battery Cable is used to power the electrical system and must be sized to cater the needs of electrical systems. Using small cable causes excess heat, so the size of cable depends on amperage needed and length of the cable. The length and size of cable are very important to counter the voltage drop. Voltage drop is a loss of voltage between two ends of cable due to heat generated by resistance to flow of electricity. Aromax Industries Private Ltd manufactures different sizes and lengths of Battery Cable to the needs of the customer.